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Text and literature

For central COVID-19 hubs of text and literature, please see:

CDC COVID-19 Research Articles

A downloadable database of COVID-19 literature. This database is updated by systematically searching various bibliographic databases and hand searching selected grey literature sources.

CORD-19 dataset

Large collection of scientific articles (currently 128000) related to coronaviruses from Pubmed, biorxiv, medrxiv and other sources. All articles are provided in a standardized JSON format.


A version of the CORD-19 dataset with semantic annotations in FHIR RDF format.

Elsevier Novel Coronavirus Information Centre

Bulk download of Elsevier fulltext articles related to COVID-19 and other resources.


A curated database of COVID-19 articles in PubMed compiled by the National Library of Medicine.

medRxiv and bioRxiv COVID-19 preprints

Combined page for all COVID-19 publications posted on medRxiv and bioRxiv.

Elsevier COVID-19 articles

Articles available for bulk download.

WHO database of COVID-19 publications